From the English lower leagues…

Although this site is very much aimed at the promotion of top-tier Premier League and Scottish Premier League Football, I thought I would share with you experience of visiting one of my local teams, Cambridge United, for a League 2 fixture against Mansfield Town over the Christmas period!

Having tried, but failed, to get tickets for an Arsenal game (before I knew about my friends at footballticketpad) I opted for local affair at Cambridge United.

Although I have seen better games in my time, I can really recommend watching a lower level match in the UK. The atmosphere was great, the hospitality warm, and soaking up the architecture of an older (dare I say it, less sterile) stadium, in this case Abbey Stadium home of Cambridge United, was really refreshing.

Lower league football for sure sometimes suffers from the (mis?) perception of  low quality – of “hoof-ball” – and I wont pretend that the above game was what Johann Cruyff was referring to when he was talking of Total football!  However, I have had similar bore fests elsewhere, and at much higher level football games.

Step forward a week – it was a busy Christmas football calendar for me – and I went to watch an even lower level, and even more local, team … Bishops Stortford FC of the Vanarama National League South no less, against St Albans City (Bishops Stortford won 2-1). I have to say, this contest produced some quality football, albeit sporadically, with both teams, particularly Stortford, keen to keep the ball on the deck and pass it.

In a way, I was questioning myself how this could be after all Bishops Stortford play at 2 levels beneath Cambridge United, however again that it is the luck of the draw as to how some teams play, and you can never tell no matter what the league. To quote an old boxing adage, “styles make fights”!!!


Please, support lower league football !!

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